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La Boite Indie & Sarah Winter present…


Created on two principles: 1g = 1L (He), and “If you feed them, they will be happy”, a dinner with gravity is a work that feeds the heart and stomach; revelling in the beauty of food, the warmth of good conversation, and the laws of gravity.

Guests arrive at a magical dinner party, where the food and drink dance across the table, winding between the stories shared and the wine poured. Inspired by a dream, this work is made to reawaken that sense of wonder in the world, and make you appreciate the audience member sat right beside you. Come and experience a beautiful piece of small magic at this dinner party for the senses.

Sarah Winter is celebrated for creating fantastical, illusory playgrounds that highlight the magic in the every day. This enchanting performance installation premiered with two sell-out dinner parties as part of La Boite Scratch in 2011.

Reservations for this eagerly-awaited full-length event are now open. There are only 18 tickets available per show.

*This event will take place in La Boite’s Rehearsal Room, adjacent to the box office.

Text care of La Boite http://laboite.com.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=783

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