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Predominantly based in Brisbane, Queensland, I, Miss Foodie, will take you on an adventure into my divine world of food, cooking, eating, dining, drinking, arts and love of life.

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Meet Miss Foodie

It’s pretty simple….I love all things food!

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to food.   Food simply brings joy to my life and without it I would be lost.


Besides food I also love photography. If I could travel the world and tell stories with my photos I would! Check out some of my work.

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Big Dinner Party for MS Queensland is a great chance to indulge in everything food-related while raising vital funds to help fight multiple sclerosis (MS)

Sunnybank Plaza Food Discovery Tour

With Tony Ching’s wealth of knowledge, Sunnybank Plaza’s rich sundry of Asian food & culture you needn't be afraid to shop at Sunnybank Plaza ever again

Heart Shaped Food for Valentine’s Day

I've put together some entertaining heart shape food ideas for Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank but will instead arouse a bit of cheeky-loving fun.

Mud Crab Cakes

Mud Crab Cakes The fresh herbs spring onion lemon & capers mixed w mashed potato complement the sweet & delicate flavour of the Mud Crab beautifully

Eat Street Markets – Hamilton Wharf

Eat Street Markets open every Friday & Saturday night from 4pm till 10pm Mingle through 60 shipping containers transferred to mini restaurants, lifestyle

Prawn & Asparagus GF Pasta w Nuac Cham

CT Fine Foods pasta range - finally gluten free pasta that tastes like the real thing! This week I tried CT Fine Foods Coriander and Kaffir Lime Tagliatelle

Alfredos Pizzeria

Alfredos Pizzeria have released their new Mid-Summer menu with new sexy pizzas’ and pastas on offer whilst still keeping a few old favourites on board.

Red Lotus Vietnamese Chargrill – Annerley

You have to enjoy Red Lotus for what it is – true Vietnamese street style eating. Pack them in and feed them – humble yet appetizingly effective.

Garden Basic Workshop with Lizzie Moult & Gary Hands

Do you want to reduce your food bill each week and save money? It is simple. Start your own vegetable garden in your backyard with whatever space you have..

Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Serving your Condensed Milk Ice Cream inside a waffle cone cup topped with a single ruby-red cherry has an old-fashioned charm that is as quaint as can be.

Yim Yam’s Crunchy Rice Salad – Matt Preston

Yim Yam’s Crunchy Rice Salad is a killer dish from Matt Preston's cookbook and must be enjoyed by all! The Thai & Laos flavours are truly sensational!

Emporium Hotel

The Emporium Hotel & I go way back - I’ve enjoyed birthday parties there, stayed in their 5star luxury hotel room & sipped many pre dinner cocktails

Fino Foods / Stone & Wood – Byron Field Trip

Fino Food & Wine together w Stone & Wood organised an exclusive day trip to the beautiful Northern Rivers region to give Brisbane based food enthusiasts the opportunity to meet some of our inspiring local producers.

Sunnybank Plaza Food Discovery Tours

Ever thought of heading to Sunnybank Plaza for your next foodie adventure? With its...