Gourmet Steak Sandwich

Posted on Sep 2, 2015 in Mains, Picnic Inspired

Gourmet Steak Sandwich- Miss Foodie-3-2

Impressive Steak Sandwich isn’t it!? Believe it or not, this mouth-watering recipe comes straight from the new Tooheys Cooking Handbook which is chock-full of honest Australian food.  

Inspired by the Tooheys Brothers’ have-a-go spirit, this book isn’t about perfecting complicated meals, but rather getting in there and giving cooking a go – fantastic for men who are a bit nervous in the kitchen.  Fingers crossed, this might see B in the kitchen cooking something for me one of these days! Cookbook under his pillow too subtle?

Comprising of 80 down-to-earth and hearty recipes, the Tooheys Cooking Handbook is perfect for any dad, brother, husband; in my case fiancé, featuring a range of Australian favourites, along with Asian, Mexican and Italian-inspired dishes. Father’s Day reminder this Sunday 6th September – six pack of beer plus the Tooheys Cooking Handbook – ahh the perfect gift.

Grazing through the pages the meat pie and peri peri prawns tickled my tongue, but when the Gourmet Steak Sandwich presented itself, it was love at first sight! Caramelised onion and pear with blue cheese and walnuts – HELLO! Now I’ve had my fair share of steak sandwich ‘s, but this friends is a stand-out winner. You could have this flavour explosion on a fine-dining menu!


As well as everyday recipes and tempting photography, the Tooheys Cooking Handbook includes beer matching ideas, helpful information and a chance to discover the history behind one of Australia’s favourite beers.

The Tooheys Cooking Handbook was a gift from Tooheys, all opinions are that of my own. 

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