Heart Shaped Food for Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 12, 2014 in Foodie Gift Ideas

Heart Shaped Food - Valentines Day - Miss Foodie1_1

For some, Valentine’s Day evokes love, sweet treats and romance. For others it’s purely a marketing campaign they needn’t be a part of, or meekly, just a sad reminder of a broken heart. Whatever which way you want to look at it; it’s persistent and isn’t going anywhere, so why not have a little fun with it?!

Valentine’s Day also doesn’t mean exuberant spending, but instead think of it as a day of creativity and a little heart shaped fun. So for your viewing pleasure, I’ve put together some entertaining food ideas for Valentine’s Day that certainly won’t break the bank but will instead arouse a bit of cheeky-loving fun.

Heart Shaped Frittata

Heart Shape Foods Valentines_2

Reverse Pancakes 

Heart Shaped Food - Valentines Day - Miss Foodie_21_1

Watermelon & Strawberry Skewers

Miss Foodie - Valentines Day - Heart Shaped Food1

 Toast w/ Egg

Courtesy of Smell of Rosemary

Heart shaped Foods Valentines Day Egg-Toast

Heart Shaped Cookies

Courtesy of Smell of Rosemary

Heart shaped foods valentines day - sugar cookies

Pancakes w Blueberry Syrup

Courtesy of Smell of Rosemary

Heart shaped foods valentines day - pancakes blueberry syrup

Heart Shaped Carrots

Courtesy of Sophistimom


Don’t restrict this food-fun for Valentine’s Day, warm your loved one’s heart all year round with a random heart shaped carrot in your needn’t be boring old soup. Showing someone you care through cooking is a beautiful thing and should be enjoyed by all.


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful photo too! So happy you get a cnhace to be together today as well, makes the day extra special. Hope you’re spoiling yourselves and indulging in the celebration, 10 years is definitely a cool milestone. Have fun!!

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