Introducing Miss Foodie

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 in Foodie Buzz

You may have noticed a few changes; well I hope you have. Yes I’ve somewhat reinvented myself…… Say au revoir to Party Mouth Foodie and bonjour to Miss Foodie (Aus). There will be a few more changes in the coming months too as Miss Foodie now has her very own domain name  so hopefully we’ll be running off that soon.

So what’s been happening…… Well a couple of weeks ago I had the unfortunate experience of loosing one of my blog pages. I was busily uploading recipes from my infamous Wednesday Girls Dinners, when shock horror – it had all gone to scramble. What’s scramble you say? Well to put it simply, it’s a bit of this…*%XGLL9FGD D@@%&@#$@ $!DD and a bit more of that….H0438543 amp;amp;^%*……..and a bit more of this…… &JJ DFD*()*&)^*$^#^%*&HJ……..Not fun at all! And frightening too! I nearly packed it all up and through it in. Thank goodness for Google Cache and thank goodness for a close friend from ME MEDIA who educated me on this wonderful cache tool. So after reloading the text and all the images Miss Foodie was back. With this scare came a refreshed and motivated Miss Foodie. People don’t realise the time and energy it takes to keep a blog. As we all know life can be quite hectic, work is never-ending, weekends fly by and when you do get a chance to stop and relax all you want to do is a big fat nothing, well I know I do. To be honest, it’s hard to pull out the macbook and start blogging in what’s a rare commodity, spare time, but….. If you want something bad enough, if you have a vision for something, then alas Miss Foodie must find time, and time she will find.

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