Karolina’s Week – Tapas spread

Posted on Jul 19, 2012 in Wednesday Girls Dinner

You can’t go wrong with an Tapas spread – and you certainly can’t go wrong with a Karolina Tapas spread! With everything from garlic prawns, roasted capsicum, artichoke, olives, blue cheese, Camembert, salami, smoked salmon, prosciutto,  pate and sourdough, this spread was perfect and I loved every mouthful!

Tapas or Antipasto’s are a meal in themselves. Next time you have guests come over, try taking your Tapas spread to the next level and include cooked items like garlic prawns, chorizo and lentils, chicken etc.

For dessert we had the Donna Hay inspired self saucing chocolate pudding with berries and ice cream. As you can see in the picture below the self saucing in the middle was a hit!

I took a photo of Karolina’s table setting on instagram and I think it turned out pretty cool – it sort of looks like a water painting a little bit.

Karolina I really enjoyed dinner! We had a great laugh tonight too which is always fun. Thank you as always xx


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