Meatball Sandwich AKA The Albondigas Sandwich

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 in Mains

I switched over to Adam Richman’s new show Man Finds Food last week, and for my viewing pleasure – a tour of the Ranstead Room in Philadelphia.

The Ranstead Room, secretly located in the basement next to a Mexican restaurant, makes an ‘off the menu’ “Albondigas” sandwich that’s to die for. Albondigas what? Exactly. Well folks, it’s quite simply meatballs braised in a rich marinara sauce.


I watched on as the Chef made his Mexican-style beef meatballs mixed with breadcrumbs and Mexican rice, then cooked in a Mexican marinara sauce of tomatoes, onions, mint, chipotle and peppers. If that wasn’t appetising enough; the juicy meatballs were then carefully plunged inside a toasted baguette smothered with goat’s cheese. I was sold!

Needing to wrap my chompers around a meatball sandwich of this nature, I created my own drooling version. I kept my Meatball Sandwich pretty simple first time around, and might be more adventurous next time by including the Mexican touches to the mix. In saying that though, it’s already GOB SMACKINGLY DELICIOUS as it is. meatball sandwich meatball sandwich meatball sandwich

Meatball Sandwich AKA Albondigas Sandwich-1

Meatball Sandwich AKA Albondigas Sandwich-2

Meatball Sandwich AKA Albondigas Sandwich-3

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  1. Wow! These look absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to cook these for my family.

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