The beginning of Wednesday Girls Dinners

Posted on Sep 1, 2010 in Wednesday Girls Dinner

Every Wednesday a talented group of kind, beautiful girls get together to enjoy scrumptious food, wine and conversation.

Wednesday Girls Dinner nights started three years ago with only three; Kate, Jenny and myself. We lived on the Gold Coast together years ago and had gone our separate ways. Years later we discovered that we were all residing in Brisbane and agreed to have a catch up at Jenny’s house in Hawthorne. Jenny put together a wonderful meal. We sipped red wine (which turned into cocktails) and chatted about all the wonderful foods we loved, all the tips we had learnt, all the dishes we wanted to create. It was then and there we decided that we would take turns in hosting a dinner each week…… Wednesday Girls Dinner was officially launched.

Being in the third year we have said good bye to Kate and Jenny who are now living in Europe and said hello to the gifted Megsie, Sarah, Karolina and Alyssa.

Each week I’m going to give you the treat to have a sneak peak into the kitchens of these 5 talented women. Watch this Wednesday Girls Dinner space!

The Originals

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