Trip to Jocelyn Hancock’s farm

Posted on Jan 10, 2013 in Foodie Buzz

What better way to kick off the year than by venturing out to Jocelyn Hancock’s farm this weekend!

The lovely team at Lucid Media have organised a day trip to a cattle property just outside of Killarney Queensland. Here I will be given a behind the scenes look at how the meat is selected before it lands on our plates at Alfred & Constance (A&C). We will be meeting the farmer and hear how he has developed his herd, what sort of animals he likes and what to expect from a herd for that particular region. I will also meet the buyer who buys the meat direct from the farm. I will be shown the types of cattle that are brought in and speak to the buyer about what he looks for in a beast.

I will be shown how beef, pork and lamb are broken down, granted this will be a little full on I’m sure but I’m a hypocrite for not having seen this already considering I’ve eaten meat my entire life.

Wanting to discover who my local produces and suppliers are I know this day is going to be truly awesome!! I’ll certainly be out of my comfort zone being on a farm but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and my eyes will be opened to a whole new world.

I’ll have my story out next week so stay tuned my foodie friends….


  1. Hi Maureen! Is that Jocelyn Provisions? She actually sold that shop – she’s now patron chef at Alfred & Constance. Her desserts are my favourite favourite 😉

  2. Shirley Harring took me to Jocelyn’s place yesterday. What a fantastic shop that is! next time I’m bringing an esky 🙂


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